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Global bestsellers! Da Jiao Lu Xin Feng 7 Factory ignited and put into operation, solving the problem of product supply shortage

Author: Date: 2024-02-26


New Year's firepower is fully activated! On the 15th day of the first lunar month, Guangdong Xinfeng 7 Factory of Dajiaolu Ceramic Tiles officially started production, providing strong product guarantee for the market and meeting consumers' demand for high-quality and ultra wear-resistant ceramic tiles.



Burning the flames and achieving new heights, with the official launch and production of Dajiaolu Xinfeng 7 Factory, Dajiaolu is welcoming a new chapter in brand development with great momentum. Founder of Dajiaolu, Nan Shunzhi, encouraged everyone to welcome the new year's work with the best state at the ignition and production ceremony of Dajiaolu Xinfeng 7 Factory. He emphasized that all employees of Dajiaolu must give their all, adhere to excellence, and prioritize quality! Enable global consumers to purchase high-quality ultra durable ceramic tiles.


With leading global ultra wear-resistant technology and excellent product quality, Dajiaolu ceramic tiles are highly favored by global consumers. Not only have they achieved global leadership in ultra wear-resistant, but they have also achieved rapid development of the brand map, doubling performance growth, and global market supply is in short supply. In order to meet the demand of more consumers for high-quality and ultra wear-resistant ceramic tiles, Dajiaolu continuously improves its production capacity, continues to layout production bases, and is committed to improving production efficiency and promoting the intelligent upgrading of production lines. After the official ignition and production of Dajiaolu Xinfeng 7 Factory, production bases such as Dajiaolu Foshan 1 Factory, Foshan 2 Factory, Kaiping 5 Factory, Xinhui 6 Factory, and Xinfeng 8 Factory will also ignite and put into production one after another, fully ensuring the global supply of Dajiaolu ceramic tiles with sufficient production capacity.


From creation to leadership, the inventor of ultra wear-resistant marble tiles, Da Jiao Lu, with the power of subversion, reshapes the industry value with technology, and demonstrates the technological innovation strength of Chinese ceramic tile brands. Faced with a new journey, Dajiaolu will continue to be led by ultra wear-resistant technology, focusing on technological and product innovation, using world-class innovation and technology to create higher quality products, further consolidating Dajiaolu's leading position in the market, enhancing the reputation of "Chinese Smart Manufacturing" on the international stage, and providing world-class ceramic tile quality to global consumers.