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Deer Marble Tiles set up in China famous Ceramics Tile city: Foshan in 2012; The Developer of Super Anti-Scratch Marble Tiles in China.

Strictly selecting rare marble from Italy, Turkey, Spain, French, Brazil etc. as original samples; Using Italy Glaze supplier: Colorobbia glaze to guarantee same exclusive decoration as marble, higher abrasion resistance.
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The world's first exhibition in the household industry,Deer Marble Tiles Super Anti-Scratch popular Guangzhou Construction Expo.
The growth king of China's ceramic tiles and the first-line ceramic tile brand Deer Marble Tiles, relying on the world leading Super Anti-Scratch and strong brand influence, attracted merchants from all over the world to come to the exhibition, and became the brand with the highest attention and popularity of Guangzhou Construction Expo.
Grand Slam! Deer Marble Tiles has been awarded the top ten ceramic brands, top ten ceramic tile brands, top tier ceramic brands and other awards.
Deer Marble Tiles, the growth king of China's ceramic tiles, stands out from many outstanding brands by virtue of the Super Anti-Scratch and brand strength that lead the world, and becomes the only grand slam brand in the ceramic industry that has won the titles of "Top Ten Brand of Ceramic Tiles", "Top Ten Brand of Ceramics", "Top One Brand of Ceramics", "Top Ten Brand of Marble Tiles" and "Top Ten Brand of Rockboard".
Following the Double 11 Festival and the Home Decoration Festival, Deer Marble Tiles won the first place in the sales volume of Tmall 618 ceramic tile industry
Recently, the highly anticipated 618 National Carnival has come to an end, and Tmall 618 has successfully concluded with comprehensive positive growth in three indicators: user, merchant size, and transaction volume. In the category of ceramic tiles, Deer Marble Tiles won the first place in the ceramic tile industry in terms of sales volume by virtue of the world leading Super Anti-Scratch and excellent ceramic tile quality.

Adhere to technological innovation! Nan Shunzhi, the founder of Bighorn Deer, won the "2023 Light Pursuit Leader Award"
On November 23, 2023, the "Time Light Chaser - 2023 Home Brand Strength Selection" award ceremony sponsored by Youju and Tencent Home · Shell was grandly held in Guangzhou. With its ultra-wear-resistant technology and excellent brand influence that leads the world, Nan Shunzhi, the founder of Big Horn Deer, won the 2023 Light Chasing Leadership Award.
Super Anti-Scratch leads the world, and Deer Marble Tiles won the title of "Foshan Ceramic Technology Innovation Excellent Enterprise"
Deer Marble Tiles, the growth king of China's ceramic tiles, won the title of "2018-2022 Foshan Ceramic Science and Technology Innovation Excellent Enterprise" by virtue of its global leading Super Anti-Scratch and leading innovation and research strength in the industry.
Deer Marble Tiles, the growth king of ceramic tiles, has been upgraded. Deer Marble Tiles should be used for fear of polishing.
On July 19, 2023, the "Double sales, decisive midfield - Deer Marble Tiles, the king of ceramic tile growth strategy upgrade conference" was held in Foshan. More than 500 guests and celebrities from China's ceramic industry, as well as more than 50 national mainstream media and industry media, such as Sina, Tencent, Sohu, Guangdong TV, Guangzhou Daily, gathered together to witness the new upgrade of Deer Marble Tiles's strategy.
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