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The world's first exhibition in the household industry,Deer Marble Tiles Super Anti-Scratch popular Guangzhou Construction Expo.

Author: Date: 2023-08-18

  From July 8th to 11th, the highly anticipated 25th China (Guangzhou) International Architectural Decoration Expo (hereinafter referred to as "2023 Guangzhou Construction Expo") was grandly held at the Canton Fair Exhibition Hall and Poly World Trade Expo Hall. As the industry's "champion enterprise debut platform", this exhibition attracted a total of 2000 domestic and foreign enterprises to participate, with an exhibition area of 400000 square meters, an increase of nearly 100000 square meters compared to 2022, and firmly ranked as the world's first exhibition in the large home furnishing industry.

  The growth king of China's ceramic tiles and the first-line ceramic tile brand Deer Marble Tiles, relying on the world leading Super Anti-Scratch and strong brand influence, attracted merchants from all over the world to come to the exhibition, and became the brand with the highest attention and popularity of Guangzhou Construction Expo.

Super Anti-Scratch leads the world.

The third generation soft light nano Super Anti-Scratch of Deer Marble Tiles attracts attention.

  As the only ceramic tile brand participating in the 2023 Guangzhou Construction Expo, the Deer Marble Tiles Exhibition Hall continues the construction principles of Chinese ancient buildings, collects the classic red color of the Forbidden City, and becomes the most "red" brand in the exhibition. In terms of technological innovation, the Deer Marble Tiles took the lead in the world with its self-developed soft light nano Super Anti-Scratch. The technology of this project has been granted 3 List of Chinese inventions patents, and applied for 1 US and 1 EU patent respectively.

  In this exhibition, the Deer Marble Tiles focused on the third generation of soft nano Super Anti-Scratch diamond glaze products (Deer Marble Tiles Super Anti-Scratch soft tiles). This product utilizes its unique national patent technology of "soft skin" and "Super Anti-Scratch diamond glaze", which can further solve the problems of wear resistance and difficulty in cleaning. At the same time, it also has a soft and delicate texture like baby skin, highly catering to the ultimate pursuit of high-quality home life people, and has become a popular item at the exhibition.

Deer Marble Tiles Super Anti-Scratch Explosive Guangzhou Construction Expo.

  Whether ceramic tiles are good or not depends on grinding. In order to tell consumers more intuitively how to choose a good tile, Deer Marble Tiles encourages consumers and dealers around the world to rub the tiles with steel brushes to prove the quality of tiles in practice. Up to now, Deer Marble Tiles has held more than 2500 "Deer Marble Tiles Super Anti-Scratch 10000 People PK Contests" in 317 cities across the country, with more than 125000 people participating and 750000 people experiencing Deer Marble Tiles's praiseworthy Super Anti-Scratch strength on the spot.

  The Deer Marble Tiles Super Anti-Scratch 10000 person PK Competition · Guangzhou Construction Expo Station was also very popular, and the activity site was surrounded by a sea of people. At the same time, nine major platforms including Sina Home, Taocheng News, China Ceramics Network, Ceramics Information, Huaxia Ceramics Network, and China Ceramics Home Network broadcast the event simultaneously, and 100000 global big household members and the audience witnessed the Deer Marble Tiles Super Anti-Scratch!

  As the inventor of Super Anti-Scratch marble tiles, Deer Marble Tiles has mastered the core technology of Super Anti-Scratch and owns more than 70% of the national invention patent technology of Super Anti-Scratch. The Super Anti-Scratch is more than 4 levels, three times higher than ordinary tiles. It is the first ceramic tile brand in the world in terms of Super Anti-Scratch and the number of Super Anti-Scratch invention patents.

  In the future, Deer Marble Tiles will continue to cultivate the field of Super Anti-Scratch new materials, adhere to innovation and professional research in the field of Super Anti-Scratch new materials, achieve the ultimate in Super Anti-Scratch, provide global consumers with high-quality Super Anti-Scratch, and promote Chinese ceramic tile brands to go global.