Service and support
Strong production and supporting advantages
At present, it has seven large-scale modern kiln production lines, and has introduced a series of Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation ceramic production equipment. While ensuring the production capacity to meet the market demand, it has rapidly developed into one of the best marble tile manufacturers in China.
Leading quality advantages
Different from the current situation of slow development and short-term behavior of most small and medium-sized enterprises, Irish elk is committed to production management and quality control, and has established a more stringent internal control standard than European standards to ensure that product quality is in the leading position in similar products for a long time.
Strong R&D and design advantages
Focusing on product differentiation, competitiveness, and the development of patented technologies, we aim to create a high-quality team of over 20 high-quality designers. The company sends 2-3 excellent designers to Europe's top design colleges for further study every year, so as to ensure the excellent design ideas and artistic perception of Irish elk products.
Unique brand advantages
Through rapid development in recent years, it has quickly gained good reputation and brand awareness in the industry and market. It has been awarded multiple honors such as "3C Certification", "International Famous Brand", "Top 10 Ceramic Brands", and "Green and Environmental First Choice Product", and its comprehensive competitive strength is increasing day by day.
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