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Deer Marble Tiles, the growth king of ceramic tiles, has been upgraded. Deer Marble Tiles should be used for fear of polishing.

Author: Date: 2023-08-18

  On July 19, 2023, the "Double sales, decisive midfield - Deer Marble Tiles, the king of ceramic tile growth strategy upgrade conference" was held in Foshan. More than 500 guests and celebrities from China's ceramic industry, as well as more than 50 national mainstream media and industry media, such as Sina, Tencent, Sohu, Guangdong TV, Guangzhou Daily, gathered together to witness the new upgrade of Deer Marble Tiles's strategy.


  The sales volume doubled, and the Deer Marble Tiles tamped the title of "the king of ceramic tile growth" with its strength.

  At the press conference, Nan Shunzhi, the founder of Deer Marble Tiles, first reviewed the outstanding achievements of Deer Marble Tiles this year, highlighting the popularity of Deer Marble Tiles in the market terminal and channel.

  From a 101% increase in sales in the first half of the year, 200+stores were added, and the area of stores increased by 52328 ㎡, to once again winning the first place in the sales of ceramic tiles on Tmall's "618 Carnival Day", to the continued popularity of major ceramic exhibitions, becoming the most eye-catching popularity king at major exhibitions, and the popularity of the market of Deer Marble Tiles has been seen by all. At the same time, certified by Euromonitor International and Frost&Sullivan, two international authoritative research institutions, Deer Marble Tiles has become a veritable "growth king of China's ceramic tiles".

  Nan Shunzhi stated that with the continuous upgrading of ceramic tile consumption, Super Anti-Scratch of ceramic tiles has become a key concern for consumers. For this reason, Deer Marble Tiles has always started from the pain point of consumers, and on the basis of creating Super Anti-Scratch, it continues to iterate over the Super Anti-Scratch to maintain its leading position in the industry, and its brand influence continues to improve.

  In the face of the future market situation of Deer Marble Tiles, Nan Shunzhi expressed confidence in the continuous growth of products and proposed four "weapons" for future growth: first, Deer Marble Tiles will continue to upgrade Super Anti-Scratch; The second is to continuously assist dealers, so that each dealer can become the king of local ceramic tile growth; The third is to focus on overseas markets, from being the king of growth in China to the king of global growth; The fourth is to create a vertical and deep industrial chain, launch Super Anti-Scratch glaze, and benefit the entire industry.


  The Super Anti-Scratch ceramic tile is famous overseas, and the Deer Marble Tiles represents China's ceramic tile going global

  Later, Huang Zhongfan, the head of Deer Marble Tiles International Department, said in his speech that Deer Marble Tiles's reputation has long been abroad with its ability to excel in the Super Anti-Scratch tile track. In the first half of 2023, Deer Marble Tiles will make an amazing appearance in various international exhibitions. The world's leading Super Anti-Scratch will shock overseas dealers and consumers and win the popularity of various international exhibitions. Huang Zhongfan believes that Deer Marble Tiles will go global with its leading Super Anti-Scratch advantage in the future, and is expected to become the first world-class Chinese ceramic tile brand.。


  he wear resistance of ceramic tiles is very important, and Super Anti-Scratch ceramic tiles have become the mainstream in the market.

  The popularity of Deer Marble Tiles once again confirmed that Super Anti-Scratch has become the mainstream of the market. Liu Yamin, Senior Engineer of the National Key Laboratory of Building and Sanitary Ceramics Testing, stated at the meeting that adding Super Anti-Scratch to the surface of ceramic tiles can effectively solve the pain points of non wear resistance and easy scratching during the use of tiles, even in harsh environments. Liu Yamin pointed out that "Super Anti-Scratch of ceramic tiles plays a crucial role in building decoration, and Super Anti-Scratch ceramic tiles will become the mainstream material in the decoration of large public buildings in the future.


  Adhere to technological innovation and promote continuous upgrading of Super Anti-Scratch materials.

  In his speech, Dr. Kuang Xuecheng of Deer Marble Tiles New Materials Research Institute pointed out that Deer Marble Tiles's relentless pursuit of Super Anti-Scratch is both a mission and a responsibility, highlighting Deer Marble Tiles's new thinking on corporate strategy in the new era. At present, theDeer Marble Tiles Super Anti-Scratch has gone through three iterations, namely the first generation of bright Super Anti-Scratch diamond glaze, the second generation of soft micro carving Super Anti-Scratch diamond glaze, and the third generation of soft nano Super Anti-Scratch diamond glaze. Dr. Kuang Xuecheng also introduced the future research and development plan of Deer Marble Tiles on the spot, and said that "no scratch, brand new as before" is the biggest vision of Deer Marble Tiles.


  German Rhine authoritative certification, Deer Marble Tiles Super Anti-Scratch leads the world.

  The professional testing agency, Rheinland Xu Jingxing of Germany, which has long carried out technical certification for international first-line brands, Huawei, Midea and other well-known domestic brands, came to the scene in person to issue the Super Anti-Scratch certification certificate for the Deer Marble Tiles, and officially announced that Deer Marble Tiles has become the first ceramic tile brand in the world to obtain the certification. The certification affirms the research and development achievements and leading advantages of Deer Marble Tiles in Super Anti-Scratch, indicating that Super Anti-Scratch performance of Deer Marble Tiles has reached the international leading level.


  The "brand renewal and upgrading" officially set sail, and Deer Marble Tiles entered a new journey.

  At the end of the press conference, the unveiling ceremony of Deer Marble Tiles brand strategy upgrade was welcomed, which pushed the atmosphere of this press conference to a climax. In order to further expand the brand influence of Deer Marble Tiles and let more consumers use good tiles, Deer Marble Tiles officially announced the new brand slogan, the inventor's gold label and the new brand VI, which marks that Deer Marble Tiles brand has leapt again and entered a new journey.

  Ten years of ingenuity and perseverance have enabled Deer Marble Tiles to have a deep foundation and strong strength in terms of scale, production capacity, technology and quality, and also established Deer Marble Tiles's market leading edge and industry leading position. Now, standing at a higher starting point and taking the opportunity of brand renewal and upgrading, Deer Marble Tiles's new self transcendence has officially started. On the way to gather more new forces for growth and create more wealth and new opportunities in the future, Deer Marble Tiles will work with more partners to build Deer Marble Tiles into the first brand of Chinese ceramic tiles and lead the Chinese ceramic tile brand to shine more brightly on the world stage.