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Adhere to technological innovation! Nan Shunzhi, the founder of Bighorn Deer, won the "2023 Light Pursuit Leader Award"

Author: Date: 2023-11-25


  On November 23, 2023, the "Time Light Chaser - 2023 Home Brand Strength Selection" award ceremony sponsored by Youju and Tencent Home · Shell was grandly held in Guangzhou. With its ultra-wear-resistant technology and excellent brand influence that leads the world, Nan Shunzhi, the founder of Big Horn Deer, won the 2023 Light Chasing Leadership Award.



  The selection of the "Light Chaser of the Times" home brand launches an online voting for the whole home furnishing industry. The organizing committee conducts a comprehensive evaluation according to the contribution, influence, innovation, vitality, environmental protection, technical power and industry response of the shortlists. It aims to commend entrepreneurial innovation and pioneering role models in the field of home business, create industry weather vane, promote the positive development of the home furnishing industry, and establish more models of the times for the industry to bravely stand at the forefront of the times.




  Nanshunzhi, the founder of Bighorn Deer, won the 2023 Light Chasing Leadership Award, which is the industry's affirmation of its courageous innovation and the development strength of the Bighorn deer brand.



  In the face of the long-standing overcapacity and homogenization of the ceramic tile industry, Nanshunzhi accurately captured the pain points in the market, led the team to overcome the technical problems of ultra-wear-resistant ceramic tiles, created the original "ultra-wear-resistant diamond glaze" national invention patent technology, took the lead in launching ultra-wear-resistant marble tiles, leading the industry into the era of ultra-wear-resistant.

  Adhering to technological innovation, the bighorn deer constantly promotes the iterative upgrading of ultra-wear-resistant technology, from the 1st generation of ultra-wear-resistant diamond glaze technology to the 2nd generation of micro-carved ultra-wear-resistant diamond glaze to the 3rd generation of soft light nano-super wear-resistant diamond glaze, constantly consolidates the leading position of the large-resistant technology in the industry. The latest generation of soft light nano ultra-wear-resistant diamond glaze technology integrates the four functions of wear-resistant, anti-skid, anti-fouling and easy to clean, which solves the industry problem of wear-resistant soft light bricks. It has been identified as an international leading level by national professional achievements.




  Under the leadership of Nanshunzhi, the "inventor of ultra-wearable marble tiles" has deeply cultivated the field of ultra-wearable new materials and has mastered more than 70% of the ultra-wear-resistant national invention patents in the industry. It is the world's first ceramic tile brand with the highest wear resistance and the number of ultra-wearable invention patents. At the same time, it is also the world's first international well-renowned certification institution-- TÜV's "wear-resistant" certified ceramic tile enterprises in Rhine Germany represent the world's highest standard of ultra-wear-resistant technology.


  In order to promote the further promotion and application of ultra-wearing technology, Bighorn Deer has actively built a cooperation platform for industry-university-research, and created four research and development centers of "China Super Wear-resistant Ceramic New Materials Research Institute", "Marble Tile Research Institute", "Super Wear-resistant Ceramic New Materials Research Center", "Super Wear-resistant Diamond Glaze China Research and Development Center" and "China Super The demonstration base of new materials for wear-resistant ceramics has become the backbone of the innovation of ultra-wear-resistant technology, enabling the high-quality development of the industry.




  In recent years, the bighorn deer has developed rapidly. It has not only won the honor of China's ceramic tile growth king, but also bravely venture overseas with its world-leading ultra-wear-resistant technology and excellent products, representing Chinese ceramic tile brands to go global.