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Authoritative certification! Da Jiao Lu has been successfully selected as a "Guangdong High Value Trademark Brand"

Author: Date: 2024-01-06

On December 29th, the "Guangdong High Value Trademark Brand Development Forum and Achievement Conference" jointly organized by the Guangdong Trademark Association and the Guangzhou Trademark Examination Cooperation Center (Guangdong Intellectual Property Development and Service Center) was grandly held in Guangzhou, releasing the 2023 Guangdong Provincial Key Industry High Value Trademark Brand List.





With its globally leading ultra wear-resistant technology and strong brand influence, the first tier ceramic tile brand Dajiaolu stands out from numerous Guangdong brands and has been successfully selected as a "Guangdong High Value Trademark Brand".




It is reported that in order to promote the construction of trademark brands, vigorously cultivate well-known trademark brands with international influence, and achieve the task goal of significantly improving brand competitiveness, the Guangdong Trademark Association, under the guidance of the Guangdong Provincial Administration for Market Regulation (Intellectual Property Office), in accordance with the requirements of the 2023 High Value Trademark Brand Cultivation Project of the Guangdong Provincial Administration for Market Regulation, collaborated with the Guangdong Furniture Association, the Guangdong Household Appliance Industry Association The Guangdong Food Industry Association, Guangdong Ceramic Association, and Guangdong Lighting Electrical Appliances Association have launched an evaluation of five industry rankings in Guangdong Province, including furniture, household appliances, food, ceramics, and lighting appliances, based on their extensive efforts across the province.


The evaluation of the high-value trademark brand list for key industries (ceramics) in Guangdong Province this time is a comprehensive evaluation from aspects such as trademark value, enterprise business performance, legal litigation, research and development innovation, trademark planning for the next three years, enterprise honor and qualification, etc. The fact that Dajiaolu ceramic tiles have won this honor is undoubtedly a high affirmation of the strength and market position of the Dajiaolu brand by authoritative institutions.




High value trademark brands are an important manifestation of a company's core competitiveness, as well as a shining business card for a good corporate image and social reputation. As a high-value trademark brand in Guangdong, Dajiaolu will continue to leverage its brand advantages, tell the story of the Guangdong brand well, promote the high-quality development of the Guangdong brand, and go global.