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Super Anti-Scratch leads the world, and Deer Marble Tiles won the title of "Foshan Ceramic Technology Innovation Excellent Enterprise"

Author: Date: 2023-08-18

  On July 20, 2023, the 15th First Member Representative Conference of Foshan Ceramic Society was successfully held in Foshan. At the meeting, to encourage ceramic enterprises to actively participate in technological innovation and independent design, the Foshan Ceramic Society recognized outstanding ceramic enterprises that made outstanding contributions in technological innovation from 2018 to 2022.

  As a representative brand of Foshan ceramic tiles in the industry famous for science and technology innovation, Deer Marble Tiles, the growth king of China ceramic tiles, won the title of "2018-2022 Foshan Ceramic Science and Technology Innovation Excellent Enterprise" by virtue of its global leading Super Anti-Scratch and leading innovation and research strength in the industry.

  Adhering to scientific and technological innovation, the Deer Marble Tiles ushered in an era of Super Anti-Scratch.

  In recent years, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation is booming around the world. As the inventor of Super Anti-Scratch, Deer Marble Tiles has always adhered to scientific and technological innovation, focusing on breaking through the key core technology of Super Anti-Scratch, improving the scientific research and technology content of products, and promoting the development of the ceramic tile industry to a sophisticated direction.

  For this reason, in the ceramic tile industry with serious homogenization, Deer Marble Tiles created the national invention patent technology of Super Anti-Scratch diamond glaze through insight into the pain points of users, and achieved curve overtaking. It successfully increased the Super Anti-Scratch of ceramic tiles to three times that of ordinary ceramic tiles, and won the honorary recognition of the "First Prize of the National Industry Science and Technology Award", which opened a new era of Super Anti-Scratch ceramic tiles.

  At present, Deer Marble Tiles Super Anti-Scratch products have been updated and iterated from the first generation of bright Super Anti-Scratch diamond glaze and the second generation of micro carved Super Anti-Scratch diamond glaze to the third generation of soft nano Super Anti-Scratch diamond glaze. The application of Super Anti-Scratch has expanded from bright tiles to soft tiles. It is understood that the third generation of soft glossy nano Super Anti-Scratch diamond glaze newly developed by Deer Marble Tiles has made a major technological breakthrough, which has four major functional breakthroughs, namely, wear resistance, slip resistance, antifouling and easy cleaning. It has been identified as an international leading level by national scientific and technological achievements, and its innovative technology has been recognized by authoritative institutions.

  Increase investment in research and development, and deeply cultivate the track of Super Anti-Scratch.

  The persistent pursuit of innovative technology is an important reason for Deer Marble Tiles products to take the lead in the market. In order to continuously deepen the achievements of Super Anti-Scratch, Deer Marble Tiles insists on investing 5% of brand revenue in the scientific and technological innovation sector, and builds a scientific research and innovation platform. It has the "China Institute of Super Anti-Scratch Ceramic New Materials" and "Marble Tile Institute" awarded by the China Ceramic Industry Association, the "Research Center of Super Anti-Scratch Ceramic New Materials" awarded by the China Building and Sanitary Ceramics Association The four major research and development centers of "Super Anti-Scratch Diamond Glaze China R&D Center" established in collaboration with Italy's Coroba Glaze Company, as well as the "China Super Anti-Scratch Ceramic New Material Demonstration Base" awarded by the China Building Materials Circulation Association.

  In addition to actively building a scientific research talent team, Deer Marble Tiles is also committed to making continuous breakthroughs in the technology of Super Anti-Scratch new materials. By updating the core technology in stages, it has formed its own intellectual property rights, and continuously introduced innovative technologies and products with its own intellectual property rights to the market.

  At present, the Deer Marble Tiles has mastered more than 70% of the national invention patent technology of Super Anti-Scratch in the industry. At the same time, the horned deer Super Anti-Scratch ceramic tiles have also obtained the "Super Anti-Scratch" certification of the internationally renowned certification agency - T ∨ V Rheinland, Germany, becoming the first ceramic tile enterprise in the world to obtain the Super Anti-Scratch certification of the agency. It can be seen that Deer Marble Tiles is a pioneer in the field of Super Anti-Scratch, achieving global leadership and representing the highest standard of Super Anti-Scratch in the world.

  Keep up with the times and strive for development, bravely innovate and climb to new heights. This time, Deer Marble Tiles was awarded the honorary title of "2018-2022 Foshan Ceramic Science and Technology Innovation Excellent Enterprise", which is not only the recognition and affirmation of the industry for Deer Marble Tiles's scientific and technological innovation, but also the embodiment of Deer Marble Tiles's strength of persisting in quality and innovation for many years. In the future,Deer Marble Tiles will continue to take scientific and technological innovation as a powerful engine for brand development, develop more high-quality Super Anti-Scratch ceramic tile products, lead the high-quality development of the industry, and strive to become the first world-class Chinese ceramic tile brand at an early date.